The proposed Galloway Dam is an environmentally safe project, and it may be possible to have more than one reservoir on the Weiser River, Rep. Larry E. Craig, R-Idaho, says.

The congressman met with the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce on Friday. He notified the group of his new assignment to the House Public Works and Transportation Committee's Water Resource Subcommittee."I'm now in charge of dam building," he said.

By providing cooler waters, the dam near the town of Weiser could lead to a tail race fishery to rival those on Montana's Bighorn River, Idaho's Henrys Fork or Utah's Flaming Gorge, said Keith Stonebraker, chairman of the chamber's natural resources concerns.

The project is unusual because the Idaho Fish and Game Department and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have gone on record supporting it, Stonebraker said.

"Yes, this is almost a love-fest project," Craig said. "That's exciting."