This weekend, penny-wise Utahns may be pound-foolish.

Residents who have had pipes freeze in the past should spend the few cents it costs to leave a tiny stream of water running in one sink, says an Orem official. Otherwise, pipes could freeze and break, requiring hundreds of dollars in repairs."We are a little concerned about the cold weather expected from the Arctic on Friday and Saturday," said Bruce Chesnut, manager of Orem's water and waste water division, on Wednesday. Weather forecasts say night temperatures should drop to zero or lower, "and last week we were already getting about four or five reports of frozen pipes a day."

If pipes freeze between the meter and the house, homeowners need to pay for repairs, Chesnut said. If pipes freeze between the meter and the main line, Orem must repair the damage.

"It takes from two to 15 hours and costs from $175 to $350 in city funds," he said. "The streets are frozen, so to dig down to the problem we have to heat them up or use a jackhammer. It takes a lot of work."

Costs to homeowners who must repair pipes vary, but leaving a tiny stream of water running costs only pennies, he said.

"We're talking cents, not dollars. It doesn't have to be a large amount of water, just a trickle at night when it's coldest will do the trick."

Chesnut encourages Orem residents who have questions or have had problems in the past to phone for more information, 224-7140.