Salt Lake City, University of Utah, and congressional officials met Monday morning to study use of land at Fort Douglas, which is targeted for closure by the federal government.

The meeting was closed to the press.Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis, Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah, and U. president Chase Peterson were to discuss several proposed uses of the land, should it be turned over to the university.

The uses, according to a letter to DePaulis from Peterson, include extending current Research Park facilities into the base or connecting the Health Sciences Center with fort grounds.

Another proposal would move operations and contents of 44 decaying barracks on the university's campus into Fort Douglas buildings.

"Finally, the opportunity for a residential campus within the University is very exciting," Peterson wrote in the letter, saying too many students commute to the state's largest university.

The fort is the subject of several efforts that could result in the transfer of land to the university. Owens and Rep. Jim Hansen are currently feuding over how the land should be exchanged.

Congress must first vote to accept a package of military base closures recommended by the Pentagon that it is estimated would save taxpayers nearly $700 million annually.