Charlotte Johanne Weller Singer was eulogized Saturday as a woman of great faith who taught her children Christian values and a love for God.

The 88-year-old mother of slain polygamist leader John Singer died Wednesday in Salt Lake City. Mrs. Singer "was never a woman of great means. I would guess that she didn't leave many stocks or bonds or a large bank account," said her LDS bishop, George Case."What she did accumulate during her life was something she took with her into the next life - great faith. She was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and came to church every Sunday, as her health would permit," Case said.

About 60 family members and friends gathered at the Wasatch Lawn Mortuary Chapel to pay their respects to Mrs. Singer. The simple service included a life sketch by her son, Harald, who praised her for instilling Christian values in him and his siblings.

He recounted one particularly pointed lesson his mother taught him about keeping the Sabbath day holy, after he had gone to a local tennis club on Sunday to retrieve balls for some spending money. In stern German, she counseled him that "what you gain on Sunday, you lose on Monday." He said she was dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ and taught her children the same.

One of her sons, John, died in 1979 when he was shot near his Marion, Summit County, home during an arrest attempt by law enforcement officers. His family again became the focus of public attention in January 1988, when more than a dozen members barricaded themselves in the Singer home for a 13-day standoff with police after an explosion at the Kamas LDS Stake Center. A shoot-out that ended the siege left one lawman dead.

The only indication of any tension at the service came during a benediction by James Singer, who thanked God for an occasion to "reunite the family and dismiss any ill will."