Rep. Howard C. Nielson, R-Utah, is using a resolution passed by the Utah Legislature to continue his fight against a proposed 50 percent pay increase for members of congress.

He sent a letter to other House members Friday with an attached copy of a resolution from the Utah Legislature blasting the pay hike as "unrealistic"; "inappropriate in light of the nation's current budget deficit"; and suggests "Congress takes care of itself before it takes care of the people it represents."Nielson adds in his letter, "In a tour of my district recently, I met with people attending 36 different town meetings. Of the more than 1,000 people I spoke with, only two favored the proposed pay raise for Congress."

Nielson said the pay raise is "more than just another political hot potato and will not be easily forgotten by those who put us here. I urge your support in an effort to block or, if necessary, repeal the increase."