Actress Diane Lane, 21, endured hardships filming the CBS miniseries "Lonesome Dove."

"For three days I was literally in the dirt - the trials of being the lone blonde in the land of savages! I had scorpions and ticks and all kinds of funny critters in my skirts when I went home. It was a rough shoot but I like working hard. If it's too smooth and glamorous and air-conditioned, you don't get a sense of reality. In this I got a big sense of reality, riding a horse in a metal corset."In one scene I'm being fought over, literally, this guy's sitting on my chest with a knife. This other guy kicks the knife out of his hand - which is 6 inches from my face anyway. And he kicked me, instead of the guy. My arm went flying. I grew this second elbow, a little tennis ball, blue and filled with water. I suffered for my art; I'm a real trouper."