Sweeping jetliner inspections ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration last week have turned up faulty wiring in five more Boeing jets, the federal agency said.

Wrong connections on fire-suppressant bottles in engines were found in four Boeing 737s operated by Australian airlines and a faulty indicator light turned up on the engine system of a 737-300 operated by USAir of Washington, D.C.The inspection of about 740 Boeing 737s, 747s, 757s and 767s produced since 1981 was ordered following the Jan. 8 crash of a British Midland Airways 737-400 that killed 44 people. So far, irregularities have been found in 17 aircraft.

Investigators were trying to determine whether faulty wiring caused the pilot to shut down the wrong engine. The cause of that crash is not known.

Boeing acknowledged it had put decals mislabeling wire connectors on several 737-300s and 737-400s delivered in December and January, the FAA said.