Steve Mecham, a 32-year-old attorney who has spent four years in the governor's administration, has been appointed to the Public Service Commission.

Gov. Norm Bangerter announced the appointment Thursday, saying Mecham will replace Brent Cameron, who served on the commission for eight years.Cameron announced his resignation earlier this week after a candid meeting with the governor. Former Gov. Scott Matheson, a Democrat, originally appointed Cameron. Officials said that while Bangerter was pleased with the work Cameron did, he would rather the job be filled by a Republican.

With Mecham, the three-member commission will have a Republican majority. The commission cannot contain more than two members of the same political party.

"I have the highest regard for Steve," Bangerter said. "I am certain he will be an asset to the Public Service Commission."

Mecham, currently the executive director of the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, was often quoted in the media last year as the governor's office negotiated a compromise with depositors in five failed thrift and loan associations. He served as a liaison between Bangerter and the other parties in that dispute.

In his current job, Mecham assists Bangerter in selecting state court judges and works with legislators to pass criminal justice laws.

Mecham joined Bangerter's staff in 1985 as an administrative assistant. Before that he was an attorney with the Salt Lake law firm of R. Dennis Ickes.