SB197 (Hillyard) - Allows only statewide grand juries with no more than $50,000 allowed for attorney expenses and $25,000 for jury expenses.SB198 (C.A. Peterson) - Requires a preliminary notice of mechanic liens.

SB199 (Barton) - Prohibits state and local government employees from participating in political campaigns or running for office.

SB200 (Pace) - Implements home confinement legislation.

House Bills filed:

HB273 (Oscarson) - Restricts bidding abilities of businesses performing studies of state agencies.

HB296 (Bishop) - Provides for a nominating procedure for state Board of Education members.

HB298 (Wright) - Changes the definition of depradating animals to include raccoons.

HB299 (Prante) - Creates an exemption from licensing requirements for certain home businesses.

HB300 (Knowlton) - Requires lobbyists to file more detailed disclosure statements more frequently, changes the filing fees and allows for criminal penalties.