Utah's 100th birthday is still seven years away, but plans are already under way for the party.

The Utah Centennial Commission has been meeting since Oct. 5 and recently submitted an update on its plans and activities to the State Legislature.A 21-member committee was appointed by Gov. Norm Bangerter this past summer. A member of the State Historical Commission is also serving with the group in an ex-officio capacity.

The committee has tentatively agreed on a celebration that will run from Jan. 4, 1996, Utah's 100th Statehood Day, through July 24, 1997, the 150th anniversary of the Mormon pioneers' entry into the Salt lake Valley.

The committee will first select a slogan and logo for the centennial. The committee is already receiving suggestions and hopes to make a final selection by the end of 1989. By 1991, the commission also hopes to have a centennial license plate available for Utah drivers to purchase on an optional basis.