Nobody noticed that flags were disappearing from Hackensack, N.Y., until police spotted two college fraternity brothers at the top of a flagpole.

"We didn't know flags were being stolen," police Capt. Emil Canestrino said Wednesday as he announced the recovery of 10 stolen flags.The detectives' big break came Saturday, when two Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members were found up a pole. With them were flags from the Bergen County Vocational-Technical School and Bogota High School.

"After they were arrested, we said we would like to get some flags back, that it might be to everyone's benefit," Canestrino said. That led several fraternity brothers to return a batch of stolen flags, including three from Hackensack's Court Plaza and - by accident - three of the fraternity's own flags.

That left the investigators with just one more task: matching flags to their poles.

Four of the flags haven't been claimed, so police sent out notices to likely owners to see if they are missing a flag.