Salt Lake officers are waiting for a diamond ring to pass through a shoplifting suspect who swallowed the piece of jewelry and then jumped on a getaway bus from Trolley Square.

The man, whose name was not released, was undergoing X-rays at Holy Cross Hospital early Friday morning "to determine location of said object and means of retrieval," said Lt. Tom Brown.Officers said a man took the ring Thursday about 8 p.m. from Payne Anthony Jewelers.

"We have a suspect that went behind the counter, stole a large diamond ring, ran from the store pursued by the store manager and got on a UTA bus," Brown said. "They were able to stop the bus and were able to determine he swallowed the ring."

Officers discussed the situation with the county attorney's office and the man's lawyer to determine how the ring might be retrieved.

"We can get a search warrant if necessary and have it removed, but it appears at this point that might not be necessary," the lieutenant said.