Could it be too much winter for the Winter Corporate Games?

The obstacle course and snow sculpture contest scheduled for Saturday at Washington Park in Parleys Canyon have been called off due to extreme cold and, well, just too much snow. The two events - along with closing ceremonies - have been canceled and will not be rescheduled, said Patty Price, director.Citing extreme frostbite conditions, medical personnel recommended the cancellation. Working with snow and water in sub-freezing temperatures could cause frostbite without warning, Price said.

In addition, road conditions in the canyon are extremely dangerous, especially if another snowstorm moves into the area Friday night, she said.

"I will tabulate all of the scores up to now and make awards at the different companies," Price said.

The Winter Corporate Games, directed by the Salt Lake Parks and Recreation Department and sponsored by the Deseret News, Winterfest and Hardee's, offered a variety of events in which company teams competed.