Over strong objections by the governor, the Senate gave final approval to two bills Thursday that Bangerter says he'll veto.

HB154 limits Bangerter's rulemaking authority. HB142 allows the Legislature to overturn any rule it doesn't like. "The governor will veto them as soon as they get to his desk," said his press secretary Francine Giani. Bangerter believes they illegally infringe on his executive branch powers.But co-sponsor Sen. LeRay McAllister, R-Provo, says the bills only return to the Legislature some power it has given up to the governor over the years.

Unless some minds are changed in the Senate, however, Bangerter's veto will be sustained. It takes 20 votes in the 29-member Senate to override a veto by the required two-thirds majority. But the bills passed by only 20 and 18 affirmative votes, respectively. Lawmakers want Bangerter to veto the bills and give them a shot at a veto override before the session ends Feb. 22.