Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita is winding up his Washington visit, buoyed by President Bush's promises of cooperation on difficult trade and military issues facing the two economic superpowers.

After meetings Friday on Capitol Hill and lunch with Secretary of State James A. Baker III, Takeshita heads for the West Coast - and a reunion next week with former President Reagan.The prime minister, during his morning visit with congressional leaders, was likely to hear expressions of concern about an $8 billion joint project to build jet fighters.

The project has been criticized on Capitol Hill as a giveaway of U.S. technological expertise and some members of the Senate have called on Bush to cancel U.S. participation.

Bush, in his first White House meeting with a foreign leader, took pains Thursday to ease strains with the economically powerful ally.

"Continuity will . . . be the mark of relations between the United States and Japan. On occasion, we may have differences. But these are the differences of friends," Bush said.