Mark Miller was childless when he went to the store to buy food. When he returned to his Portland, Ore. home he was the father of twins.

The mother, Laurel Shaw, 19, was "doing well" Wednesday at Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital, the day after a roomate and paramedics helped her deliver twins born two months premature, a hospital spokeswoman said.

"I sent him to the store for food and he came back to some children instead," Shaw said of Miller, 21.

The babies, Jessica and Steven, each weighed 2 pounds, 8 ounces, and are expected to remain in the hospital two months, spokeswoman Marcia Williams said.

Shaw said a roommate helped her deliver the girl before paramedics arrived. Mike Reed, Steve Fivecoat and Dan Atkisson of Rescue 251 were tending to the girl when they were informed the boy was on his way.

"It was so surprising," Reed said. "It was thrilling. I was higher than a kite afterward."

Miller was stunned. He said he saw a rescue unit leave a fire station across the street from where he was shopping but had no idea where it was headed until he arrived home.