Jeanne Murphy, Hoytsville, Summit County, likes to cook and bake - for her dog as well as her husband, John. About a year ago she started making dog biscuits, but she also gave some to her husband to try. Both the dog and John liked the biscuits.

Murphy started making dog biscuits for her friends and neighbors. Their dogs liked them, and pretty soon people started asking her for dog biscuits. Recently she started a small business making the dog treats, and now, she says, she is busy and having fun making dogs happier.Her biscuits are made of fresh, wholesome, natural ingredients, she says, such as whole wheat flour, low-fat dried milk, bran, cod liver oil, baking soda and water but no chemicals or preservatives. Some of the special flavors she concocts include peanut butter, liver and cheese.

She molds the biscuits into a variety of shapes, such as bones, of course, and hearts, elephants, rabbits, shamrocks and fire hydrants, bakes them in an oven and voila! Dog Delights, which is the name of her company.

"I'll be at the Salt Palace Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the WinterFest and will be a judge at the Winter Dog Contest, sponsored by the Humane Society, Saturday from 4 to 5 p.m. My cookie treats will be among the prizes to be given," she said.

You can find out more about Murphy and Dog Delights by calling her at her home at 336-2043 or by writing to her in care of Box 640456, Park City, UT 84068.