Small Business Administration officials are warning the public about some misleading information contained in a television program called "Money, Money, Money."

Josie Valdez, public information officer for the Utah SBA office, said the 30-minute show appears to be a routine talk show, but actually it is a paid advertisement for a publication written by Wayne Phillips, Scottsdale, Ariz., called "How To Start Your Own Business By Doing Business With The Government."Valdez said the show is inaccurate in some respects, at least as it refers to some SBA programs, and could be confusing or misleading to viewers.

She said Phillips erroneously states that under two different presidential executive orders there is money specifically set aside for women and minorities. These orders direct federal agencies to make available all their resources, on a fair and equitable basis, to women and minority business owners, but don't provide for a special financial set-aside program. While SBA provides assistance to people who own small businesses and those who are considering starting a business, the type of grant or award money mentioned on the show doesn't exist in the agency, she said.