The Salt Lake Christian Action Council will hold a candlelight prayer vigil May 6 and an abortion protest May 7 in observance of Mother's Day.

The prayer vigil from 9 to 10 p.m. on the State Capitol steps will be "on behalf of the millions of unborn children who have died as a result of abortion and their mothers who are also victims, bearing both physical and emotional scars." All Christians concerned about the effect abortion is having on the nation are invited to the event, which will include praying, singing and speeches.The May 7 protest will be from 10 a.m. to noon at the Utah Women's Health Center, 515 S. Fourth East. The center was again chosen at the site of the protest because it performed most of the 4,560 abortions in the state in 1986 (1987 statistics are not available), including second-trimester abortions, said council spokeswoman LeeAnn Cheeley.

"Our daily presence there will continue until the clinic makes a pledge to stop the killing altogether."

The council also carries on a "sidewalk counseling" ministry during the week to women considering abortion. Cheeley said housing, food, clothing, medical assistance and counseling are all available at no cost to women who cannot afford them.