The rape of a Brigham Young University student Sunday night is believed to be related to at least two other recent sexual assaults in the Provo area, a Provo police spokesman says.

Capt. George Pierpont said a man entered the student's apartment, near Ninth North and Second West, through an unlocked door at approximately 3 a.m. Sunday. The assailant covered the victim's face, bound and gagged her, and then raped her. A knife was held against the victim's neck and she received superficial neck wounds during the attack.Pierpont said two other roommates who were asleep in another room were not harmed and were not aware the attack was taking place. The victim was unable to provide any description of the attacker.

Pierpont said the methods used by the assailant appear to be the same as those used in at least two other rapes in the Provo area recently. Both attacks took place in student apartment complexes during the early morning hours, the victims' faces were covered, their hands were bound and they were threatened with a knife while being raped.

"What we've got to drive home is we've got someone active out there, especially to the student population," Pierpont said. "They need to lock doors, use dowels in their windows and take other precautions. He appears to be an opportunist. He finds the open door and window."