The mother of an abused 7-year-old boy found near Boise has pleaded not guilty to felony child abandonment.

Debra Tuinman, 28, pleaded not guilty before 4th District Judge Gerald Schroeder on Monday. She and her husband, Edward Donald Tuinman, 29, are charged with dropping off Eddy Tuinman on Jan. 4 at the Black's Creek rest stop on I-84.The mentally retarded and mute boy wore only a T-shirt. Medical evaluation showed he had been burned by cigarettes and had suffered broken bones.

Fourth District Judge Alan Schwartzman had continued the arraignments of the Tuinmans from last week, after an Ada County grand jury indicted them.

Debra Tuinman is scheduled for trial on March 21. Edward Tuinman is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.