Two SkyWest commuter airplanes collided on the ground Monday at the Salt Lake International Airport - the latest in series of mishaps that have haunted the airport during the past couple of weeks.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board continued to investigate the incident Tuesday. None of the 15 people aboard the two planes was injured during the collision between the two Metroliners that were waiting for takeoff clearance."There has been more than our usual occurrence of mishaps. But they aren't coincidences," said Airport Authority Director Louis Miller. "There's not a common thread in any of these mishaps."

Both aircraft were lined up on a taxiway about 3:15 p.m. Monday when the back plane hit the front plane's tail section, said Robert Davis, SkyWest station manager for Salt Lake .


Recent mishaps

- Jan. 19: A medical plane skids 2,000 feet after a belly landing.

- Jan. 26: A Forest Service plane makes a belly landing.

- Jan. 20: A plane clips a control tower, putting the tower out of service.

- Jan. 22: A charter plane carrying 185 passengers lands at an angle and drags its left engine about 50 feet.