Sandy Mayor Steve Newton said he's being "blamed" for drafting a House bill that would sunset special improvement and service districts in the state in 1991 - likely spelling the death of many of them.

While he disavows helping author HB231 - sponsored by Rep. Glen Brown, R-Coalville, and co-sponsored by 22 other representatives - Newton agrees it could stand some legislative massaging.But speaking to members of the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake's board of directors on Monday, the mayor urged them to lobby to fix the bill - not kill it altogether. The bill gives cities and counties an opportunity to review the need for special service or improvement districts within their boundaries in 1991 and either eliminate them or extend their operation for another 10 years.

Despite Newton's plea, the district board voted to kick $200 into a lobbying pool funded by special improvement districts that are working to defeat the bill. The district also is planning to have its attorney, Joe Novak, lobby the Legislature.

Sandy has asked to become part of Metropolitan Water District and the board has approved the annexation pending approval of Sandy voters in a special election. Newton said that election is on hold until the outcome of the bill is known.