Utah County Commissioner Sid Sandberg says Brent Morris' message was sound: It's time for Utah County polluters to start cleaning up their acts.

At a news conference Monday, County Commission Chairman Brent Morris blasted Geneva Steel for its contribution to valley air pollution. Geneva recently was identified as the major producer of lung-damaging PM10 particles.Morris said Geneva was imposing conditions detrimental to the health of valley residents. He said compromising environmental standards would cost the county economic opportunities because new industry will shy away.

Geneva officials said they are puzzled by Morris' comments because the cleanup is moving as fast as possible.

On Wednesday, Sandberg told the Spanish Fork City Council that Morris' message was important.

"While he (Morris) might have chosen a different approach than I would have, the problem is there," Sandberg said.

"I feel like (Geneva president) Joe Cannon and those folks are doing their best to clean the air, but we must keep the pressure on."

Sandberg said Geneva is not the only problem.

"Home wood-burning stoves are also a contributor, and open burning is a problem. As municipalities, we all need to work together to address the issue."

Sandberg said he is not sure what ordinances would help control the problem, but he hopes city officials will give the issue some thought and share any solutions with authorities from other local municipalities.