A man extradited from Nevada to answer theft charges and questions about the disappearance of his Spanish Fork girlfriend had his preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Mike Kufrin, 32, was bound over to 4th District Court on charges of theft of a vehicle. He also had been charged with theft of two guns and a business radio. The thefts occurred in October 1988.Fourth Circuit Judge Robert Sumsion declined to bind Kufrin over on charges involving the guns and radio. Sumsion said he considers the radio part of the vehicle.

The guns had been part of an incomplete transaction between Kufrin and Roger Snider, Kufrin's former employer. Kufrin had sold the guns to Snider and arranged to buy them back or trade another gun for them. Kufrin was in possession of the guns while Snider awaited payment.

Kufrin was apprehended, in Caliente, Nev., while in possession of a truck owned by Snider's Payson heating and air-conditioning business.

Kufrin's arraignment on charges of vehicle theft is scheduled for Feb. 10. Vehicle theft is a second-degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Spanish Fork police also have questioned Kufrin on the disappearance of his live-in girlfriend, Peggy Case, 28, in July 1988. Chief Dee Rosenbaum said the interviews have provided no new leads in the case.

"Mike Kufrin stated he had not seen her since they attended a party together on July 9 but said she had contacted him several times. He said he does not know where she is," Rosenbaum said.

Case was last seen at the party. The following Monday, Kufrin called Case's employer, saying she would not be in Monday through Wednesday.

Case's co-workers became suspicious, Rosenbaum said. They described Case as a serious worker who would not endanger her job with an unexplained absence. Kufrin told police that Case had gone to Reno with a girlfriend to purchase a car. The girlfriend denied the story.

After police had questioned him several times, Kufrin left Spanish Fork. When arrested in Nevada on Dec. 23, he was in possession of the guns and car.

Case has not been in touch with relatives since her disappearance.

Rosenbaum had said earlier that he saw Kufrin as the key to finding out what happened to Case. Rosenbaum said foul play is suspected but would not say whether Kufrin was a suspect.