A 2nd District Court plea bargain in which drug charges against a Roy pharmacist would be dismissed in Davis County in return for a guilty plea in Weber County appears to be unraveling.

H. John March, 36, owner of U&I Pharmacy in Roy, was scheduled to appear in district court in Farmington Tuesday, a week after he agreed before Judge Rodney S. Page that he would plead guilty to charges in Ogden.But March's attorney, Ron Perkins, told the judge he has not talked to his client in the past week. But he heard that March has hired a new attorney and wants to fight the charges.

Perkins asked to withdraw from the case, but the judge refused, ordering Perkins and March to appear in court next Tuesday to straighten out the matter.

Last week, March and Perkins agreed that March would plead guilty to one third-degree felony count of issuing a false or forged prescription in Weber County.

In return, two felony counts and one misdemeanor charge of distributing a controlled substance in Davis County would be dismissed, prosecutor Carvel Harward said. But background information on the charges would be forwarded to Judge Ronald Hyde for use in sentencing.

In addition, Harward told the judge, if March violated any controlled substance statutes before 1992, the Davis charges would be reinstated and prosecution would continue.

March was charged with distribution of hydrocodone, a prescription pain killer. He is scheduled for a license hearing March 28 by the state's Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.