"Kim" can recite the entire history of England. He is outstanding in geography, numbers and math. He has a photographic memory and can recall virtually everything he reads. He's an expert in sports statistics, literature and music information.

Yet Kim cannot dress himself in the mornings. In most cases, Kim can't apply the incredible information in his brain toward basic, practical purposes. Ironically, Kim is both exceptionally brilliant and severely retarded. Kim is a "savant."The Legislature Monday voted unanimously in favor of HJR16 to honor "Kim," a Utah savant who was the inspiration for the award-winning movie "Rain Man."

"The work of love is really important," Kim told the Legislature. "We need a lot more money to carry our work on together. We need more money for our workshops."

Kim works at a workshop for the mentally handicapped where he keeps track of the payroll in his head. The 37-year-old Kim has never had any formal schooling and has spent two years in a psychiatric center. For the past 20 years he has been in workshops for the handicapped.

Kim spent much of Monday morning fielding questions from lawmakers: What happened on Jan. 12, 1942? Or who won the 1938 World Series and what was the score? What day of the week was June 12, 1948? "You're so good with figures, maybe we can get you to come help balance the budget" joked Rep. Beverly White, D-Tooele.