Most of the acts and displays for the 1988 Utah State University air show, "Cache Air Rendezvous," have been confirmed.

Dave Widauf, the USU industrial technology instructor who has been coordinating the arrangements, said that on May 21 the show will feature six civilian flying acts, a military fly-by with four types of aircraft, four static displays from government agencies and private organizations, and eight military static displays.The program for May 22 will be the same, but one military fly-by will be deleted because of other commitments.

The gates at the Cache County/Logan Airport open at 8 a.m. each day. Admission is $4 per person; $1 for children under 12.

Military aircraft participating in the fly-by on Saturday will be an A10 "Thunderbolt II," a KC10, a KC135 and F-16 Falcons. The KC135 and F-l6s have other commitments Sunday.

Aerobatic routines will be performed by Kim Pearson in an SF-260 Marchetti, "Wild Bill" Hunsaker in an AT6 "Texan," Pat Hawley in a DeHavilland Chipmunk, Lloyd Wittenburg in a Pitts S2E and a T34C and Dewey Gerrard in a Taifun Motor Glider.

Military aircraft on static display both days will include Utah National Guard 06 Hughes 500 helicopters, a C7A DeHavilland "Caribou" and an AH1 Cobra Gunship. A Fort Douglas Medivac UH1B Huey will also be on display, along with a C-130 from Hill Air Force Base, a Navy T34C, an Air Force T37, a CH 53 and a T38.

The U.S. Forest Service will again bring its DC3. A North American T-28 "Trojan," N3N, a D18 and miscellaneous homebuilt aircraft will be on hand.

A barbeque and dinner dance are scheduled Saturday night. Tickets are $15. Contact Jan Benson, 750-1738.