So much has been written and said in recent weeks about Navajo baby Allyssa Keetso that it seemed inevitable Hollywood would come calling.

The 9-month-old baby had been the object of an emotional custody battle between the three-state Navajo Nation and the San Jose white couple that adopted her until a compromise agreement was reached last week.Rich and Cheryl Pitts, who signed a contract to adopt the child from her natural mother, a member of the tribe, were awarded temporary custody by a tribal court while a final agreement is worked out. The tribe has legal jurisdiction in the adoption of all Navajo children.

Cherly Pitts confirmed that the family has been contacted by two Hollywood production companies with tentative offers to make "a movie of the week" about Allyssa.

"There isn't any written agreement yet, but we met with the people from Lorimar in Los Angeles, and they said they'd really like to do the story," Cheryl Pitts said.