To the editor:

What is the real truth behind the court doors? Children who are victims are called liars. "Your father would not do this to you. If something did happen, it's no big deal, you will get over it. You must see your father every weekend in his home, overnight."I must protect my children. Wrong! I will go to prison if I protect them.

I'm a mother of two girls who are such victims of the system. The Division of Family Services was court-ordered to do an investigation. The findings were to the fact both girls were sexually abused by their father and grandfather.

The case was turned over to juvenile court. They refused to take it. Not because of lack of evidence, but because it happened in another county. Would they refer it to the right county? No.

The criminal court won't take it. Without a confession, these cases are too hard to prove. I am back in civil court. The judge refused to hear testimony fromthe girls' counselor. Instead, he gave full weekend visitation back.

Go to a higher source, you say? I did that. I contacted Mr. Van Dam and Ted Davis. They refused to return my phone calls. I went to their office; they refused to see me.

The letter to the editor titled, "The price of child sex abuse" had a good line that read, "Our state gives good lip services to family and children, but when it comes to protecting them, it doesn't always happen." From my experience, it rarely happens.

It's these professionals that the state hires who will tell you to "leave the state," we don't know how to handle these cases. The laws weren't written to protect the victims' rights, only the accused has the right to be protected.

Not once has anyone who has been involved in my case said these girls were not abused, and yet the court ordered me to send them back.

As reported on the news the other day, in Weber County last year, 50 cases of abuse were reported, 27 were plea bargained, 20 are still pending, only three went to prison and spent less than 60 days there. For Utah having the toughest abuse laws, the criminals are going free.

Name withheld