If you live near a park in West Jordan, you will likely see improvements before the next fair weather season passes.

The City Council Tuesday gave its preliminary approval to a $186,000 parks improvement plan that will spruce up 13 city parks. Sprinkler systems, boweries, playgrounds, picnic tables, trees, baseball backstops and playground equipment are among the list of items that will be added to the parks this summer.Public Works Director Bob Davis said park impact fees will pay for $86,000 worth of the improvement project. The balance will come from the city's capital improvements budget. The amount of planned expenditures at each park corresponds, for the most part, with the size of the park being improved. The city's main park at 7900 S. 22nd West, for example, will have its sprinklers converted from culinary to irrigation water and will get new playground equipment and a double bowery with four picnic tables and three barbecues - all to the tune of $58,000.

Constitution Park, the city's second largest park, will get $30,000 worth of improvements: a double bowery, also with four picnic tables and three barbecues, a concession stand, a baseball backstop and fencing, a drinking fountain and trees and shrubs.

Other parks on the list are Camelot, McHeather, Bicentennial, Dixie Valley, Brown's Meadow, Country Squire, Meadow Green Farms, Vista West, Harvest Estates, Colonial and Jordan Meadows. New playground equipment is included for each park, and most will get new trees or shrubs. Other equipment varies depending on the park's layout, current amenities and most frequent sports uses: soccer, baseball or basketball.

The only formality holding up funding is final approval of the expenditure, which was set to be approved without discussion at the council meeting next Tuesday.


Planned improvements:

Main Park $58,000

Constitution Park $30,000

McHeather Park $10,000

Bicentennial Park $ 9,000

Colonial Park $ 7,000

Harvest Estates Park $10,000

Dixie Valley Park $15,000

Camelot Park $ 8,000

Jordan Meadows Park $ 6,000

Country Squire Park i $ 7,000

Meadow Green Farms Park $11,000

Vista West Park $ 9,000

Brown's Meadow Park $ 6,000

Total $186,000