The Center for Women and Children in Crisis will hold training sessions beginning Feb. 8 for volunteers interested in serving on the Rape Crisis Team.

Jenny Murdock, volunteer coordinator, said volunteers are critically needed to help with the program. The volunteers work an on-call 48-hour shift every other week.Volunteers must be able to leave their jobs, school, or whatever commitments they have to answer a call during their shift.

Before volunteers begin their service, they must complete all training sessions, a total of 30 hours. They are instructed on the issues surrounding rape, the different types of rape and what the volunteer's responsibilities include.

The volunteers work in teams, one female and one male team member. The female volunteer works directly with the rape victim, doing anything from going to the hospital or police station with her to providing the long-term support system she needs.

The male team member's responsibilities include helping the family, friends, and others deal with their emotions, questions and concerns.

The victim and her family become part of the volunteer team's case load, and they work with them as long as is needed. Because of this, the volunteers must be able to commit to stay with the program for at least eight months.

Training will be held during evening and weekend hours for two weeks. For more information on becoming a rape crisis volunteer, call the United Way Volunteer Center at 374-8108.

Other community volunteer opportunities include:

-The March of Dimes needs volunteers to help count money that is received from the Mother's March throughout the month of February.

-The American Cancer Society needs two professional volunteers to serve on their Utah County board as president-elect and crusade chair.

-The Refugee Center needs volunteers to help teach English to legalized aliens in the north part of Utah County. A new Vietnamese family has also just arrived in Utah County and is in need of furniture and clothing. Donations should be arranged through the Refugee Center.

For more information on these and other volunteer opportunities, call the United Way Volunteer Center at 374-8108.