A man angered when a child pelted his car with a snowball slugged a second child in the face, pushed a third down in the snow and then pulled a pocket knife on all three, police said.

A 14-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy told police they were walking in the 2300 block of Jackson Avenue when a 13-year-old friend threw a snowball at a gold-colored car the trio saw driving by.They said a man jumped out of the car and stormed toward them, hitting the 14-year-old in the head with his fist.

The man then threw the 10-year-old down in the snow and pulled out a pocket knife, they said.

He told the 14-year-old to get in the car and then drove him to a nearby home where the boys' parents were visiting.

Police said the man took the boys to the door and told their parents the pair had broken his window, but the parents could not see any damage to the car.

Police are investigating the incident.