U.S. District Judge David Sam has ordered KUTV, a Salt Lake television station, to turn over documents to aid a sex-discrimination review by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The review is a result of a complaint filed by a former employee of KUTV.

In December, KUTV agreed to turn over the information sought by the commission. But when the EEOC refused to agree not to show salary information to anyone else, the station balked.The commission then took the station to court, and Sam ruled that KUTV must release the information. But he said the commission cannot show it to anyone else except the woman who instigated the action, if she is interested in seeing it.

Karen L. Tarr, a commission lawyer in Phoenix, told the Deseret News that this is just part of an investigation into complaints by Bonnie R. Egelund, West Valley City, the former personnel manager for the station. Tarr said if the EEOC decides Egelund may have been a victim of sex discrimination, she can file a suit, or the commission itself may.

The suit said KUTV told Egelund she was fired because of a reduction in force. But Egelund claimed she was fired because she was over 40 and a woman.