The Kane County Commission has agreed to give former County Attorney Jim Scarth three months' severance pay totaling $7,500.

The commission also named Todd Macfarlane of Kanab as interim county attorney. Macfarlane passed the bar in 1991 and plans to run for county attorney next year.Scarth's six-year career, which was punctuated with three alcohol-related arrests, ended Dec. 1 when he agreed to resign and seek medical attention. He also was put on probation by the Utah Bar Association.

County Commission Chairman Glen Martin told a reporter he did not think it was necessary to announce the meeting.

"It was my understanding that because of the agreement between the Utah Bar Association, (Utah) attorney general's office, and Jim, we were to give him severance pay," said Martin.

Gary Ferraro of the Utah Bar Association's office of attorney discipline, who handled Scarth's probation case, said that he did not agree to or make any severance pay recommendation.