The Humane Society of Utah warns that pets and livestock need extra care when unusually cold weather blows in.

"Dogs and cats in particular must have a place of adequate shelter. If the animal stays outside this means that a well-insulated pet house of the proper size and construction is necessary," said Katharine Brant, the society's director of development.Bedding in a pet's house should be clean, dry and easy to replace. Pets also need extra calories since maintaining normal body temperature requires extra energy in cold weather. Water bowls should be checked often to make sure they haven't frozen, she said.

"Be sure to check your animal's paws and ears often," she said. "Paws can be cut on ice, and frostbite is also a danger.

Spilled antifreeze has an attractive odor to dogs and cats but is a deadly poison.

Livestock also need a good wind break.