A Utah State Prison inmate pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two concurrent terms for forgery Tuesday in 2nd District Court in return for having two additional forgery cases dismissed.

One of the alleged victims of Jerry Baca, 41, of Sandy, was Carvel Harward, chief prosecutor for the Davis County attorney's office. Harward's case, in which Baca was accused of forging a stolen check for $100, was one of those dismissed by Judge Douglas L Cornaby. Harward did not prosecute the case.Baca is serving a zero-to-five-year prison term, and Cornaby ordered the two one-to-15-year terms he imposed to run concurrently with Baca's present term.

Baca pleaded guilty to forging and cashing two checks for $100 on March 23, 1988. Harward said Baca walked into schools and stole purses and wallets belonging to teachers while they were out of the room.

He then took the credit cards and checks, forged signatures and cashed them, Harward said. Harward's wife was one of the teachers whose purses were stolen, he said.