Now you see it, now you don't.

On Tuesday, the House Revenue and Taxation committee once again dusted off four proposals to remove the sales tax on food. And then they promptly put them back on the shelf for "future consideration."In a 9-7 vote, the committee decided to hold the four bills in committee, rather than pass any of the measures to the full House. The bills would all eliminate the sales tax on food in varying degrees.

Like the other public hearings on the measures, there was plenty of impassioned rhetoric, plenty of heated discussions and plenty of political posturing.

But not all of the debate was over the sales tax on food. At one point, the debate degenerated into a fight not over a sales tax on food, but whether Geneva Steel should have a sales tax exemption or whether farmers should have a sales tax exemption for the purchase of farm equipment.

Yet when it got down to voting on the issue at hand, lawmakers decided to wait until another day. Again.