Authorities have discovered the bodies of six people who were shot in the head with a shotgun near a trailer compound, and one of the residents has been charged with two of the deaths.

The body of a man found Tuesday in the rusted shell of a car in a junkyard near the three-trailer compound appeared to have been shot twice in the back of the head at close range, said Assistant State Medical Examiner Dr. Vasudeo Kshirsagar.The condition of the body indicated that the victim had been dead several months, Kshirsagar said, adding that the five others appeared to have been killed in a similar manner.

Police believe the body is that of 20-year-old Michael Schillings of North Carolina, who came to the compound to live last spring and was reported missing last summer.

On Monday, the body of 22-year-old Jimmy Price was found on the site about 30 feet from the car, authorities said. The junkyard is about 200 yards east of the compound, where the first two bodies were discovered Jan. 8.

"We have a consistent pattern. It was a shotgun. It was consistent with the other cases," said Kanawha County Sheriff Art Ashley.

If all six bodies are linked to the same killer, it would be the worst series of deaths in West Virginia attributed to the same person.

Authorities said 19-year-old Mark Southern McCallister is being held without bond on charges of murdering brothers Billy and Otis Sanson, who lived with McCallister at the compound in St. Albans, a town of 15,000 people 15 miles west of Charleston.

Prosecutors said McCallister has confessed to the brothers' murders.

Police found the body of the Sansons' sister, Bonnie Pauley, at an abandoned motel across the street from the compound on Jan. 21. Another victim, McCallister's grandmother, Charlotte Farrell, 69, was found in her nearby home.