Randall Cunningham says he'll be back for next year's Pro Bowl, even if he's not voted into the NFL's all-star game.

"I'm coming back for sure, whether I pay myself or come with the Pro Bowl," the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback said Sunday after winning the Pro Bowl MVP Award in his first trip to the league's season-ending contest."Hawaii is great, the weather is nice, the people are nice, there are no negatives here."

In addition to having a fun week, Cunningham completed nine of 14 passes for 83 yards and picked up 49 yards on two rushes to help the NFC to an easy 34-3 victory over the AFC All-Stars.

"I always hoped to be just selected for the Pro Bowl," he said when asked if he had thought about winning the MVP Award.

"I though Herschel (Walker) had a good chance to win it because he had two touchdowns."

Cunningham doubtless earned some MVP votes with his talent for improvising.

On one busted play, he had the ball knocked from his hand, chased around after it and finally grabbed it, then fired an 11-yard completion to J.T. Smith.

"He's a heckuva athlete, period," said Mike Ditka of the Chicago Bears, the NFC coach.

Walker, of the Dallas Cowboys, scored on runs of 4 and 7 yards.

"We've taken the short end of the stick the past couple of years," Walker said, referring to the NFC's losing the two previous Pro Bowls.

"We were fired up this time."

Neal Anderson of the Chicago Bears was another offensive standout for the NFC, accounting for 102 yards. He gained 85 yards on 13 carries and caught two passes for an additional 17.

Ditka said he figured his main job in coaching the NFC All-Stars, who collected $10,000 each to the losers' $5,000 cut, was not to mess things up.

"I just wanted to keep it simple, let them have fun and let them show their talent. With talent we had, it would have taken a lot of bad coaching to mess it up."

Houston quarterback Warren Moon, in his first Pro Bowl appearance, led the AFC with 13 completions in 20 attempts for 134 yards.

But after going 10-for-11 for 98 yards in the first half of his initial Pro Bowl, Moon was pressured by the NFC defense in the second.

"When you get behind, the defense comes right at you," Moon said. "They know you have to throw the ball."> Marv Levy of Buffalo, the AFC coach, said, "We played a lackluster game. I feel badly. You don't play any game, including an All-Star game, without wanting to win.

"As we didn't make the plays, our enthusiasm waned; as they (the NFC) made the plays, their enthusiasm increased."> "It's very disappointing to me, getting beat that badly," said Kansas City strong safety Deron Cherry of the AFC. "I take a lot of pride in being here.

The NFC defensive unit played very well, logging six quarterback sacks - two by Reggie White of Philadelphia - and holding the AFC to 167 yards.

"Coach Ditka set the tone in his pre-game talk," safety Ronnie Lott of the 49ers said. "(Ditka said) `Play hard, have a good time and do your best to represent the NFC."'