Former Olympic diving medalist Bruce Kimball was sentenced to 17 years in prison for drunken driving-manslaughter Monday in an accident that killed two teenagers and injured four others last summer.

Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Harry Lee Coe said he hoped the sentence "will scream out to the young people that you must suffer the consequences of drunk driving. We must stop it."After a 21/2-hour hearing, Coe sentenced Kimball to 15 years on one of two manslaughter counts and two years to be served consecutively for driving under the influence and causing a serious injury.

Kimball received 15 years' probation on the second manslaughter count and five years each on two other drunken driving-serious injury counts, all to be served consecutively. Coe ordered the permanent revocation of Kimball's driver's license and stipulated the probation will include undisclosed amounts of community service.

Kimball, 25, pleaded guilty to the charges Jan. 11 but changed his plea Monday to no contest because of the possibility guilty pleas would prevent victims and their families from receiving damages from insurance companies that covered Kimball.