Many teenage girls dream of dancing in such exotic places as London and Tokyo.

Camille McDonald and Natalie Pyper do it.McDonald and schoolmate Pyper started off the New Year touring Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Windsor Castle - all courtesy of the Universal Dance Team.

The two Murray High School Spartonians were among 400 American girls who survived stiff competition to be selected as members of the team.

Their prize was the 8-day trip to Her Majesty's land. In London, the mini-skirt clad group performed in the Lord Mayor of Westminster's New Year's Day Parade.

The Americans scored big.

At the request of screaming, clapping Britons, their dance was performed 14, instead of four times.

"I remember one of the viewers saying, `See, the Americans can do something,' " McDonald said.

"The trip taught me a lot. It taught me to appreciate home - and American food. (She lost 7 pounds). It was good to go and represent our team, Utah - and especially the United States," she said.

The Murray High School precision drill team is traveling to Japan with the St. George International to perform in festivals throughout the country in July.