Comic actor Pinky Lee is recuperating from a heart attack with a newly installed pacemaker, the veteran entertainer's daughter said.

"Dad is coming along, but he has suffered a massive heart attack with extensive damage to his heart," said Patti Lee, who spoke from St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Ill., where her father is being treated.Lee, described by his daughter Friday as about 72 years old, was stricken Wednesday night during a performance of the vaudeville-style Broadway musical "Sugar Babies."

"He was waiting in the wings for his final part when he said `I don't feel good' and turned white," Lee said. "He was drenched in sweat and began to feel nausea and someone called a medic. That was it."

Lee began his entertainment career at age 3, when he started touring with professional child reviews. He went on to nightclubs, Broadway, radio and television.