Getting children to work independently on their homework doesn't happen overnight. In the book, "Homework Without Tears," an emphasis is placed on nuturing and encouraging youngsters from the time they get their first homework assignment. Here are a set of guidelines for parental involvement for children enrolled from kindergarten to third grade:

- Check each day to see if your child has homework.

_ Tell your child when daily homework time begins.

_ Check to see that your child has all necessary materials.

_ Ask your child to tell you what the homework is.

_ If needed, read the directions together with your child. Make sure he understands.

_ If needed, get your child started by working on the first problem or question together.

_ Be available to answer questions and give assistance.

_ Praise your child's efforts. And a cautionary note:

_ Do not do the work for your children.

_ Do not teach concepts to your children.