Officials of the Western Dairymen Cooperative Inc. have told Utah dairymen and milk producers in eight other Western states who are members of the organization that the cooperative lost money during the 1988 fiscal year.

Meeting in Northglenn, Colo., recently for their second annual meeting, the group's president, Tom Camerlo, told dairymen "the dairy industry was dealt some tough obstacles during the past year, but has succeeded in improving the position of the cooperative."Even though the cooperative showed a loss during the 1988 fiscal year, he said, the association's board of directors is optimistic that continued efficiencies will increase profitability for members.

Leland Anderson, executive vice president and general manager, said the 1988 drought affected dairy farmers across the nation because of the increased cost of feed.

"While higher feed costs have increased the price of milk to the consumer, dairy products still remain an excellent value," Anderson said.