A judge has remanded a 17-year-old member of a polygamist sect to Juvenile Court for trial on charges stemming from his alleged involvement in a stolen-truck ring.

Meanwhile, a hearing to suppress evidence against four other members of the Church of Lamb of God continued Monday in Maricopa County Superior Court, a clerk for Judge Frank T. Galati said.She said Galati on Thursday ordered Richard LeBaron, who turns 18 in March, into the juvenile system.

Still charged with one count each of conspiracy, control of an illegal enterprise, and 20 counts of theft are: Heber LeBaron, 24; his half-brother, Douglas Barlow, 28; Tarsa LeBaron, 22; and Cynthia LeBaron, age not known.

The defendants, relatives of the late Ervil LeBaron, who founded their church, were arrested last July at a Phoenix motel after a patrolman spotted a stolen truck, police said.

No trial date has been set, the clerk said.

The religion founded by Ervil LeBaron, who died while serving a life term in the Utah State Prison for the murder of rival polygamist Rulon Allred, has been linked to at least 18 deaths or disappearances since 1966, police said.

Heber LeBaron and Barlow are wanted in Texas, authorities said. They said LeBaron has been tied to a November 1986 robbery in Richardson, Texas, and Barlow to a vehicle burglary in Houston.