The unemployment rate in Park City is at an all time low and the search for employees at an all time high, according to the Park City Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

About 300 year-round jobs are currently available in the Park City area, most in the restaurant and hotel industries. There is an unusually high demand for cooks, waitresses and waiters. In addition, Advance Reservations, North America's largest winter reservation agency, and Lucas Western, an aerospace manufacturing firm, are hiring.Gregg Goodwin, economic development director with the Chamber of Commerce, cited two reasons for the high employee demand.

"We are finding fewer employable people between the ages of 18 and 24." he said. "There are also increasing efforts by the nation's resort areas to attract employees to work for them, so the competition is extremely high."

Park City officials are concerned about the effect the labor shortage may have on a visitor's stay. "When you have one person trying to juggle two jobs, customer service could potentially suffer," Goodwin said.

The average hourly wage in Park City is $5 to $7, which is $2 to $3 more per hour more than comparable positions in other resort communities. Both part- and full-time positions, many with flexible hours, are available. In addition, full benefit packages are being offered by some of the businesses hiring.

For information about job openings, contact Job Service at 649-8451.