Fifteen Waterford School students have become eligible to participate in the Rocky Mountain Talent Search offered through the University of Denver.

To be eligible, students must score in the 95th percentile on math or verbal portions of a nationally standardized test. The national search contributes to a research base on the educational needs of gifted students, as well as providing individual guidance for the children.The identified students have the opportunity to take college entrance examinations before their senior year and compete for certificates, scholarships, special awards and state and regional recognition.

The Waterford students are: (seventh grade) Robert Blanch, Lucy Burningham, Sara Charniak, Jennifer Clayton, James Doolin, Nathan Kesler, Jeremy Manning, Andrew Nielsen, Daniel Peerless, Jason Pugh and Elizabeth Whittlesey; (eighth grade) Jeffrey Brown, Bryan Wrigley, Jonathan Zobrist and Tiffany Panos.