More than 150 million gallons of water flow through the pipes of Defense Depot Ogden every year, running the federal installation's water bill up to $100,000 annually.

Most of the water is used for industrial purposes but the remainder is for drinking and personal use by DDO employees. To ensure its purity, a constant testing and monitoring procedure has been set up."Every month our plumbers go to six different locations on the depot and take a sample of the water," said Bill Mair, assistant chief of the DDO facilities and engineering division.

"We send the sample to the Weber Basin Water Quality Management Council, and they test it for the bacteria count and substances like chlorine," Mair said.

The depot underwent extensive water quality testing last year, part of the federal government's effort to locate and clean up hazardous waste sites.

"We did a survey of 22 water taps and fountains on the depot," said Allen Tingey, chief of the DDO safety and health office. "We were clean. No problems. If there were ever anything in the water, we would test it."

DDO water comes from Pineview Reservoir, the same source as Ogden City's water. "If someone thinks there is a problem, we take a sample from that location," said Gary Mower, foreman in the DDO engineering division.