Motivated teenagers who bypass the 12th grade and graduate from high school after the 11th grade should be rewarded with a partial scholarship to Utah's higher education schools, senators decided Friday.

SB137 would give a small scholarship - 25 percent of the Weighted Pupil Unit or about $300 a year - to students who graduate early from high school and the next year attended a public university, college or vocational school.The bill would also give $300 the next year to the high school from which the student graduated early.

The $300 for the high school is a must, said sponsor Sen. Dix McMullin, R-Sandy, or school districts won't have any financial incentive to graduate a person early since they'd lose that student's WPU - now at about $1,200 - the following year.

Sen. Karl Swan, D-Tooele, a high school teacher, said the bill is a bad idea. "I reject the premise that the 12th grade is wasted time for the bright and motivated student." Crowding four years of required classes into three years will mean many students can't take elective classes, like art, music, theater or literature. The elective classes - and a child's overall liberal education - will suffer, Swan said.